How CAB can be rejected in Parliament ?

Q) How Bill becomes Law ? Ans) Parliament is a Law Making Body. To enact a Law, a bill is placed in both house of Parliament and if bill is passed by... Read more »

New CAB (Citizenship Amendment bill) as distributed to MP before Introduction in Lok Sabha on 9th Dec 2019

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An affidavit is not Evidence alone?

•Affidavit in itself is not an Evidence alone even if it is a First Class Magistrate Affidavit. An affidavit is a Self-declared document and it is not an Evidence within the meaning... Read more »

Why you should make a Passport ?

•Passport is a citizenship document, If anyone of you is lacking any Citizenship document, he should make a Passport at first. Although Passport will be used for traveling outside India but for... Read more »

30 lacs Names missing in Delhi – Kejriwal

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40 lacs (17 lacs Dalit + 10 lacs Muslim) Names missing in Maharastra

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55 lacs Voters name missing in Electoral in Andhra & Telangana

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Check Electoral Record regularly – Even if having Voters ID Card

•Your name can be deleted from Electoral Record, Yet you are having Voter Id card with you. •There are many reasons intentional or unintentional which cause your name to be deleted from... Read more »

Is having Voter Id card Enough?

•Voter id card is not enough Unless your Electoral record is there with the same details matching with your voter id card. • Reference     In Writ Petition No. 3547/2016 (Md Babul... Read more »

Issues with women on Assam NRC

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