Challenges – How they were dealt?

• Centre & Assam Govt approached SC for 20% sample re-verification of names included in Final Draft in the District of Assam bordering Bangladesh and 10% re verification in remaining district. •... Read more »

What if you do not find your names in the complete draft NRC?

• People who submitted applications to prove their Indian citizenship till the last date of August 31, 2015 but were excluded in the final National Register of Citizens (NRC) draft are only... Read more »

What if I do not get myself registered?

• You will face administrative/legal problems. You may receive a notice from one of the 100 foreigner tribunals in Assam to establish your Indian citizenship. If you cannot establish it, you may... Read more »

Who are eligible to register?

• People whose names appear on the 1951 NRC. • People whose names appear on any voter list in Assam up to March 24 midnight, 1971. (Electoral Data) • Descendants of the... Read more »

History of NRC post 1951

• On May 5, 2005, tripartite meeting among the Centre, Assam government and All Assam Students’ Union. Chaired by then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the meeting decided to update the NRC. •... Read more »

What is NRC?

• The National Register of Citizens contains the names of all Indian citizens. Only once before has an NRC been prepared, in 1951 based on census 1951. • The 1951 NRC is... Read more »

FAQ on Correction of Voter

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