Why you should make a Passport ?

•Passport is a citizenship document, If anyone of you is lacking any Citizenship document, he should make a Passport at first. Although Passport will be used for traveling outside India but for... Read more »

Is having Voter Id card Enough?

•Voter id card is not enough Unless your Electoral record is there with the same details matching with your voter id card. • Reference     In Writ Petition No. 3547/2016 (Md Babul... Read more »

What does it require to Prove Citizenship?

 In order to establish one’s citizenship, normally he may be required to give evidence of –(i) His Date of birth –(ii) Place of birth –(iii) Name of his parents –(iv) Their place... Read more »

Mizoram Protest Against NRC

•More than 30,000 people responded to a call for protests by students and NGO’s on 23rd January 2019, because The Citizenship Amendment Bill of 2016 grants citizenship to the illegal Buddhist Chakma... Read more »

What Next? After NRC Implementations

•The Central Government can deport a foreign national who is staying illegally in India as per the Foreigners Act (Section 3(2)(c). Even the State Government and Union Territory Administrations have the same... Read more »

What is meant by illegal Migrants

•As per the Act, Illegal migrant means a foreigner who has entered into India without any valid passport or travel documents as authorized or prescribed by or under any law. •It also... Read more »


•Bill already passed in Lok Sabha on 8th January 2019 but lapse since it could not be passed in Rajya Sabha in the Previous term. •Now, Government if intends to pass, has... Read more »

What is meant by a Person of Indian Origin?

•A person shall be deemed to be of Indian origin if he, or either of his parents, was born in undivided India or in such other territory which became part of India... Read more »

What will be the Cut off date for NRC?

•This has not been specified anywhere till now as regard to NRC in India. •Any information saying 1951 NRC being Cut off date is incorrect since 1951 NRC was prepared only for... Read more »

Is the Gazette notification for NRC Implementation?

•This Gazette Notification was for Preparation of Population Register • Is this the First time NPR (National Population Register ) is prepared? •No, National Population Register was first prepared during CENSUS 2011.... Read more »
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