Correction Module : Ancestor Hierarcy basis

Own and Father’s name in Documents should be corrected in the following Manner Mode: Ancestor Hierarchy Basis i.e Base should be your Grandfather or Great Grand Father Document (as the case may... Read more »

How to Prove Citizenship through Birth Certificate?

They fall in 3 category Category 1: Person born between 26th Jan 1950 to 1st July 1987 Citizenship Document – Own BIRTH CERTIFICATE As per Citizenship Act 1955 (as amended), Any Person will... Read more »

The rule for Documents-Short form of Name

Always use a Long form of Name instead of Short like MD & SK. My Recommendation to fellow Muslim brothers to use the full form of MD and SK as Muhammad and... Read more »

The rule for Documents For NRC

•Citizenship Document will always have a preference for any other Document be it for Identity proof, address proof, etc. • •While updating and Correcting details in Documents, the Citizenship document should be... Read more »

What does it require to Prove Citizenship?

 In order to establish one’s citizenship, normally he may be required to give evidence of –(i) His Date of birth –(ii) Place of birth –(iii) Name of his parents –(iv) Their place... Read more »

People in Tripura have protested against the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016

•BangladeshiBuddhistChakma were swept away by the construction of Kaptai Dam and confrontation between the Bangladeshi army and Chakma armed resistance ShantiBahini, which led to many Chakma refugees fleeing to Mizoram and Tripura.... Read more »

People in Tripura have protested against the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016

•At least 50 persons were injured in Tripura during a 12-hour shutdown jointly called by three tribal parties against the Centre’s citizenship bill. • •The Tripura Indigenous Tribal Parties Forum jointly protested... Read more »

MANIPUR Protest Against NRC

•People in Manipur have protested against the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016 fearing it will become the dumping ground of foreigners, including refugees.  4 students were injured on 24 January 2019, when they... Read more »

Nagaland Protest Against NRC

•The Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) and the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) have opposed the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016, as they see it as a threat to the political future of the indigenous... Read more »

MEGHALAYA Protest Against NRC

•The Meghalaya Democratic Alliance government decided to oppose the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016, as it fears that illegal immigrants will make them a minority, as Meghalaya is a small state. •Meghalaya Chief... Read more »
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