An affidavit is not Evidence alone?

•Affidavit in itself is not an Evidence alone even if it is a First Class Magistrate Affidavit. An affidavit is a Self-declared document and it is not an Evidence within the meaning... Read more »

30 lacs Names missing in Delhi – Kejriwal

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40 lacs (17 lacs Dalit + 10 lacs Muslim) Names missing in Maharastra

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55 lacs Voters name missing in Electoral in Andhra & Telangana

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Check Electoral Record regularly – Even if having Voters ID Card

•Your name can be deleted from Electoral Record, Yet you are having Voter Id card with you. •There are many reasons intentional or unintentional which cause your name to be deleted from... Read more »

Issues with women on Assam NRC

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A woman should use Father’s name instead of Husband’s name in Voter’s id card /Electoral record.

     What is the problem if Women has Husband Name in Electoral Record or a Voters id card? •Electoral Record or Voter’s id card is a citizenship document. Many people have this... Read more »

Married Woman- Important issue In NRC

•With the advent of NRC which is establishing citizenship based on Rule of Descendants ignoring the importance of Citizenship by Birth to various extent. Hence it becomes more important for citizens to... Read more »

Correction Module: Step 4

Now Comes Your Own Document Step 4 : Now you need to Amend your Own Document – Father Name and Your Own Name                i) Father Name in your own document: Check... Read more »

Correction Module : Step 2 & Step 3

Step 2 : Now comes your Father’s Citizenship Document Here you need to Update two thing in Father’s Citizenship Document –  a)Father’s Parent Name and     b)   Father’s own Name Update your Father’s... Read more »
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