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Muslim Research and Analysis Centre led by CA Asif Ali, is a Centre for Survey, Research, and Analysis on Socio-Economical and Political Factor of Muslim Community living in India especially. The survey, Research, and Analysis help in Highlighting important areas, issues related to any factor and consequently help in Decision making and Implementation to eradicate the problem and helps in Growth and Development.

One of the finest examples was “SACHAR COMMITTEE REPORT” BY Justice Rajinder Sachar. This highlighted the painful situation of Indian Muslims and also suggested remedial measures. But after such a project, no significant research conducted.

Hence, Muslim Research and Analysis Centre led by CA Asif Ali has taken a task with the help of Allah to conduct needful research and analysis at regular intervals and publish the information for Awareness and Implementation.

So far, We have conducted research on “How to eradicate Lawlessness, Indiscipline from Muslim Youth” wherein not less than 150 Educationists, Doctors, CAs, Lawyers, Engineers, Social workers participated and gave needful suggestion.

We have also conducted extensive research on NRC – National Register of Citizens and Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016 and published many books and posts related to it. This Website is the product of Research made on NRC & CAB.

About NRC

Race of Indian citizens to confirm that they belong to this soil even after their roots exist far below the soil.
 A nation under Gruesome Madness when Army veteran who served 30 years to Country becoming “Foreigner” under NRC. If an Army person can be declared foreigner then who am I andyou.
 Your future stays in India and your existence as an Indian Citizen will be determined “piece of paper” which if not appropriately linked with your ancestor’s record or if the name is misspelled or someone intentionally or unintentionally objected to your inclusion on NRC would tantamount to exclusion of rights of Indian Citizen.
The Question exists Who Am I if I am not an Indian Citizen. Whose Citizen I am, Which soil belongs to me if not upon whom I born, my parents born. Would I able to prove citizenship of any other country if not on whose Soil I born?
Intention and objective can be debated. But As far as the Constitution is there and the Court of law is there to protect the Constitution.
Safety, Insecurity, and Injustice to Public will not be out of the hands of
a citizen in one go but there will be a battle between those who are at Government and Court of Law when only one of the two-act on
Ensuring Justice and Protecting the rights of Citizen. And if one
bodywork in the opposite direction then we may see a Conflict between Court and Government. As an Awakened Citizen of India, we
should have knowledge of our rights and responsibilities to protect our
citizenship and live in a society with dignity.

May Allah ease the
matter for the people of this country and the world and help us to Grow and

firm against
Injustice, Exploitation, and Fascism.
CA Sheikh
Muhammad Asif Ali
Email: muslimresearchandanalysis@gmail.com
Web: www.nrchelpline.com
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