Correction Module : Step 2 & Step 3

Step 2 :

Now comes your Father’s Citizenship Document

Here you need to Update two thing in Father’s Citizenship Document –  a)Father’s Parent Name and     b)   Father’s own Name

Update your Father’s Parents name in Father’s Document

In all your Father’s Citizenship document, Residential document, Identity document and Check and update Your Father’s  Parent Name in  Father’s Document  with the name as determined in Step 1

(Eg : In your Father’s document it is written Abdul Lateef as his parent name, this should be corrected with Muhammad Abdul Lateef as determined in Step 1)

  STEP 3     

Update your Father’s own name in his own Document

You may have the different spelling of the father’s name in his document, now select the Appropriate Name with Correct Spelling (easy Changeable) and

Take One-Name with Correct Spelling as your Father’s Correct Name. And Change all Father’s Document with that Correct name with Correct Spelling.

(Eg: Your Father name is Sk Ashraf Ali in One document, Ashraf Ali in Other Document, Sheikh Ashraf in Another Document. Let’s keep “Sheikh Ashraf Ali”  one and Correct. And Update all document  with Correct name “Sheikh Ashraf Ali“)

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