Is the Gazette notification for NRC Implementation?

This Gazette Notification was for Preparation of Population Register

Is this the First time NPR (National Population Register ) is prepared? No, National Population Register was first prepared during CENSUS 2011. In order to help in Targeting of benefits and Schemes of Government and Basically for implementation of UIDAI (Aadhaar Card ).

Does it have any relation with NRC? •Yes, as per the Preparation methodology prescribed in Citizenship (Reg of Citizen & Issue of NC ) Rules 2003, From Population register, data will be taken for Updation in Local Register of Indian Citizen (i.e part of NRC) after scrutinization and Verification.

Can we say NRC is implemented? •The preparation of NRC is specified in Rule 4 of Citizenship (Registration of Citizens and Issue of National Identity Cards) Rules, 2003. •The initiation of  NRC is specified in Rule 6 of the Above Citizenship Rules. •However, while issuing above Gazetted Notification, nowhere above Rule 4 & 6 was discussed which directly addresses the Initiation of Activities of NRC. •But since the preparation of Population Register is must for NRC, and also as per Media Report , there is nothing wrong to say that This has laid the foundation for preparation of NRC and People of India should make necessary correction in documents so that their record is correctly recorded in Population register which will be the foundation for NRC.

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